【Job Responsibilities】
1. Lead the visual output of the company's overall brand products, control the product tone and positioning, and systematically build and optimize the company's brand image;
2. According to the company's development strategy, be responsible for the visual presentation of the company's product sector, deeply understand the brand, make proposals for the creative strategy and creative idea of brand products, and lead the team to complete the creative idea;
3. Be good at using popular visual creativity to control the visual effect presentation and visual improvement of the company's products;
4. Conduct regular work guidance and business training for department designers, and be responsible for the quality of product design.
[job requirements]
1. Full time bachelor degree or above, major in art design, experience in well-known art academy or 4A company is preferred;
2. At least 5 years working experience in e-commerce visual design management, advertising company creator / general director of Internet enterprise design / experience in large e-commerce platform is preferred;
3. Excellent understanding, communication, organization and coordination skills; Have a strong sense of dedication and innovation, and be able to work under pressure;
4. Have deep art skills and good creative conception ability, have a deep grip on color, structure and modeling, have an in-depth understanding of communication and marketing, and keep improving the achievements and details of the works;
5. Proficient in AI, Photoshop, InDesign and other design software, understand and master video / animation / editing related software and skills, and have an in-depth understanding of photography / short film / new media and other communication means and methods;
6. Works need to be provided before the interview.
Creative director
Fashion Designer
【Job Responsibilities】 1. Strong design and drawing ability, excellent communication skills and teamwork ability;
2. Familiar with the application of sports clothing accessories, production technology and process flow; Can independently complete the design and R & D of series products; Grasp the brand style positioning and carry out reasonable design according to commodity market research;
3. Be responsible for the tracking and implementation of the selected design, and do a good job in R & D: communication, material selection, proofing, modification, confirmation of sample clothes, style information table, matching and trial fitting, and cooperate with the vision department to complete the shooting concept;
4. Put forward and make the general idea and direction of product design point, version and color, and participate in the formulation of quarterly design planning.
[job requirements]
1. Bachelor degree or above in fashion design;
2. Wide range of knowledge, keen market insight and strong perception of sportswear products;
3. Active and sharp thinking, with unique innovative spirit;
4. Have good aesthetic taste and clothing matching ability, understand and study excellent sportswear brands;
5. Able to bear hardships and stand hard work, work actively and solidly, with good teamwork ability;
6. Good hand drawing skills are preferred.
E-commerce Designer
【Job Responsibilities】
1. Responsible for the overall page design, layout and decoration of jd.com and tmall stores;
2. Make matting layout for new products, make product details page and optimize product description in the store;
3. Make promotional pictures and pages to cooperate with store sales activities;
4. Regularly propose change plans for web page style and keep the page updated regularly;
5. Cooperate with the promotion personnel to make promotion pictures, activity locations and other promotion pictures;
6. Familiar with and understand network visual marketing;
7. Master the picture requirements of various activities on Taobao tmall platform and understand the rules of Taobao tmall platform.
[job requirements]
1. Graduated from design major, excellent and rich graphic design experience is preferred;
2. Bachelor degree or more than 3 years experience in Amoy platform is preferred;
3. Strong creativity and planning ability, good written expression ability and quick thinking;
4. Familiar with Photoshop and other common design and production software;
5. Steadfast and hardworking, full of team spirit (able to adapt to high requirements and complete tasks during the promotion period);
6. Have good communication and understanding skills, solid art foundation and good creative ability.
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